Your braveness inspires us, Tata

NELSON Mandela words cannot express our happiness when we join you in celebrating your 91st birthday.

You are a mirror we always have to look at to gauge our commitment to the cause you always fought for - be it eradicating poverty, building a united nation and a nonracial, nonsexist and democratic South Africa - for 67 years of the Struggle.

We hope you maintain that spirit of ubuntu and castigate those who are blinded by racism, self-empowerment and greed.

You have been an inspiration to all of us to strive to be better South Africans by working towards a better life for all.

We urge the whole world to take part again in honouring the call to contribute 67 minutes of their time to do good in their communities as it represents the 67 years of struggle you and other heroes of the Struggle fought for freedom. You collectively fought very hard to make sure that the working class could relish the fruit of this freedom.

Were it not for that the working class and the poor would be lost in hysteria.

Those who failed to learn from you because of their sense of self will never be respected or taken seriously by any society.

Tata Madiba, you have shown us your character and bravery by building a rainbow nation and achieving a better life for all.

We will continue to honour your call on the "wealthy to share with the less fortunate" and to make South Africa a better place. We will love you and respect you forever and ever.

Matankana Mothapo,Cosatu House, Braamfontein