No sex please, we are true workaholics

AY-OFFS are putting a lot of pressure on relationships. The economic downturn is not only having a negative effect in the boardroom but in the bedroom too.

According to Qaqamba Klaas, managing director of Intsika Business Consulting, a human resource consulting company in Eastern Cape, most people are forced to work their lives away to prove to their employers that they are assets to the companies not liabilities.

This has left workers with little time or energy for relationships.

"Lay-off uncertainties are causing people to become more anxious," Klaas says. "So they end up overworking themselves to look good to their bosses.

"This leads to people spending more hours in the office and less with their partners."

She says this has a negative effect on family life.

Ruth Smalls, a sex expert, says lay-off stress has had a very negative effect on the sex life of workers because they are less likely to want sex at the end of a long day.

"As people worry more about the future, and face economic and job uncertainty, anxiety and depression are up and self-esteem down," Smalls says.

"When your are in a bad mood and you don't feel good about yourself, you are more likely to withdraw and have a short fuse with your partner."

She says as stress increases sex decreases. Less sex can exacerbate tension already present in the relationship owing to the recession.

She says in addition the very anxiety that might be fuelling the initial desire to bond sexually might also sap the ability to experience pleasure.

She advises people to tell their partners if they are too tired for sex and also why.

She warns that communication will not solve everything but if the problems continue you could be in need of specialist help.

How to recession-proof your relationship

lKeep money matters separate

Always keep money matters separate from the rest of your relationship. Have financial discussions

It would be ideal to have weekly financial discussions. But if you lead frantically busy lives have a financial discussion twice a month.

Always try and divide responsibilities while sticking to commitments at the same time.

It is also wise to sit down and go over the expenditure and savings at the end of the month.

l Unplug the TV or computer

It would be great catching up with reruns of your favourite movies on television - but not "all" the time.

l Spend time at home

What better way to save some cash than spending time at home?

Indulge in cooking elaborate meals with your partner and eat at home instead of at a fancy restaurant.

At the end of the day all that matters is that both your partner and you are happy and content in the relationship.

Creating a separation between your financé and romance, making a few individual sacrifices and a few combined sacrifices is all you need to do for a recession-proof relationship!