Disabled people worst off in SA

THE motto of Disabled People of South Africa is: "Nothing about us, without us."

But 15 years into a democratic era disabled people are still the most marginalised group in South Africa.

Many ill-informed decisions have been made about them and for them without them and in some cases despite them. It is as if they do not exist.

Organisations representing this sector seem to shy away from challenges and when there are pressing issues concerning disabled people you hardly see them. Even if you engage them you will not get appropriate answers.

Some people and organisations seem to be involved with disabled people for "their own survival" rather than to help the disabled.

The abuse of people with disabilities has gone on for far too long.

There is a lack of employment opportunities, underemployment, direct and indirect discrimination and a lack of recognition of their qualifications and their status as previously and currently disadvantaged people in South Africa.

Some groups have even questioned their inclusion in the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and People with Disabilities.

To the minister of this department: many structures have been put up before but they proved to be blompot structures without any efficiency. They just spent money on themselves and on grand plans but nothing was done for those who really deserve the help. Let's not waste any more time. Get things right.

Athanasius Mohlaka, Gauteng