Let us fight this evil legislation

BEFORE giving an opinion about legalisation on prostitution, I believe one has to first look at all the implications, which run much deeper than approval of the "local massage parlour".

The statement "legalising prostitution will allow the police to concentrate on more serious crimes" is nonsense. This is an absolute cop-out (excuse the pun). I believe it was first made by our very own shady Jackie Selebi.

Crime syndicates, with some corrupt officials, sit quietly in the corridors of evil waiting for this bill to be passed. How many understand the full implications?

Drug cartels and child sex slave traders are gleefully rubbing their hands together in anticipation of their bank balances exploding, as they, with no moral conscience whatsoever, will use any means to lure impoverished families here and from other African countries to sell their woman and children into forced prostitution. It's happening in Haiti, Colombia, Thailand, China.

Imagine your daughter, granddaughter, niece or sister being sold, kidnapped, drugged and kept imprisoned to be repeatedly raped by sleazy, revolting and sexually sick degenerates. I appeal to all religious leaders to challenge their congregations to petition this decision. I appeal to teachers to allow children's voices to be heard. As a so-called democracy we have to be heard by our leaders, but if we remain apathetic and silent, the demise of this nation is to our account.

Lynda Heystek, Jeffreys Bay