Elderly folk are in need of your help

MANY of our grandparents spend their old age in loneliness and insecurity.

Many of them spend their "second childhood" in old age homes. They only want to be loved and looked after and when they are deprived of love and care, many of them become like little children seeking attention. It is up to us to make their old agecomfortable.

So if you have never told the elderly that you love them, say it before it's too late. On Saturday Madiba will be celebrating his 91st birthday. In honour of our former president, the darling of the entire world, this day will be known as Mandela Day. It is hoped that people will volunteer 67 minutes to a charity of their choice on this day, every year.

A week ago on Friday Mama Angel made a difference to some elderly people. We decided to donate groceries to the Soweto Home for the Aged. The home, in Central Western Jabavu, was established in 1988.

We were greeted by smiling, friendly and humble elderly people at the well-maintained building.

W e told them that we were there to make their day special and they became very excited. When I started to take photos, one elderly gentleman wearing a Sowetan sweater wanted to be in front of all the others. I thought that was very sweet.

Manager Louis Kubeka is very enthusiastic about his work at the home. He told me about the plans he has for the home.

"We are planning a fundraising event soon and we would like people to help us raise funds towards the running costs because the home is not coping at present.

"We encourage church groups, the youth and community members to get involved in the fund-raising. I would like to challenge all companies who read this to help this good cause," Kubeka said.

If you would like to donate or help in any way, please call Kubeka on 011-930 3857.