Stop encouraging Malema

JULIUS Malema's buffoonery has reached such proportions that though he is the joker in the ANC pack he now has to be taken seriously.

His latest statements about whites planning against him have placed unnecessary strain on the very sensitive issue of our national reconciliation agenda.

As citizens the onus is on us to honestly hold introspection and admit that Malema is a product of our own collective consciousness. We are the garden to which weeds like him turn for nourishment to sustain his foolishness.

As is typical of any buffoon the more people cheer him on, either because of boredom or despondency, the more he thinks he is right. He reminds me of the stupid boys who dice with death by riding on the roofs of trains. They are always cheered on to their destruction by so-called sensible, responsible people.

The nonsensical excuse from some in the ANC that he is still growing up is as hypocritical as their deadly silence when he runs amok, blemishing our country with his delirious drivel. Thousands of young men of his age are responsibly running corporations and organisations in this country.

The ANC presents itself as a progressive party that will do anything to guarantee women's rights, yet both their presidents are always entangled and mired in issues with the violation of women.

While Jacob Zuma attends a dignified G8 meeting abroad, his most trusted lieutenant at court at home mentions his name in the same sentence as rape and taxi money. As always Zuma will see nothing wrong with and say nothing.

The ANC is famous for recalling presidents. Recall Malema - unless the ANC reckons a president's imbecility and buffoonery do not necessitate a recall.

Don Shongwe, Windsor East