It is time municipal officials started working for South Africans

MOST municipalities give their communities headaches, especially the ones in Mpumalanga.

One finds oneself asking for a service that the local authorities know very well they should be providing.

Why should we as law-abiding citizens have to beg the people we voted into power to serve us?

They are supposed to be working for us, not behaving as if they are a law unto themselves.

Municipalities such as Msukaligwa in Ermelo, Albert Luthuli in Elukwatini and Mkhondo in Piet Retief should pull up their socks and function in the manner they were employed to.

Poor people from the rural areas walk long distances, only to be turned away by lazy officials who tell them to come back another day.

As citizens of this country we are entitled to a little bit of respect and dignity.

Municipal officials should take our concerns seriously and not treat us as if they are doing us some sort of a favour.

They must either shape up or ship out.

Makhosonke Mkhaliphi, Piet Retief