group denies scam

PK VENDING Distributors deny taking six clients, who paid them R439000 for machines they did not receive, for a ride.

PK VENDING Distributors deny taking six clients, who paid them R439000 for machines they did not receive, for a ride.

PK's client liason officer Adelle Rochester also denies the company was running a scam.

Sowetan wrote on Monday about aspirant entrepreneurs who claimed that PK ripped them off between October 2008 and February 2009. Four clients said they hadnot received machines and another two, Antoinette Da Sausa and Margaret Morakabi, said they received used ones.

Rochester says they would refund Palesa Majela's R120000 on Friday.

In her lengthy response, which has been edited, Rochester says they did not know that Blue Finance paid R120000 into their account on Palesa's behalf.

She says: "We informed Palesa that she would have to start paying instalments and because she insisted on schools as trading locations, she would not be able to honour her payments.

"At this time she indicated that she would be happy to accept other locations"

In her e-mail to Majela, Rochester says PK guarantees locations and that this process has a lead time of eight to 12 weeks.

Majela says: "Eight weeks came and went and there was no action on their part so I cancelled my contract."

But Rochester says when PK had secured a trading place for Majela, she changed her mind and demanded her money back. She says the machines were imported and they had used Majela's deposit to order them and that the deposit is also used to procure locations for machines, hence the 25percent cancellation fee to cover the cost of the work.

Rochester accuses Majela of assaulting PK employees when she came to demand her money, though she does not say why they had not laid an assault charge against Majela.

Responding to Margaret Morakabi, who complained that PK had sold her an old and defective machine, Rochester says Morakabi had bought a refurbished machine for R24000 and that after using the machine for a few months Morakabi decided that she no longer wanted it and asked PK to buy it back.

She says Pukane Thipe would be refunded his R40000 soon.

"It seems that a former employee, Norwell Mhlongo who was dismissed for fraud, has banded a few disgruntled clients together and used Sowetan and other media to extract revenge," Rochester says.

She denies that PK was running a scam.

"We have thousands of clients and we have been in business for 13 years. These accusations are hearsay and libelous. We trust that thorough research and supporting evidence is used to collaborate any articles printed about us. We reserve our right to legal recourse should any untruths, hearsay and downright lies be written about us," Rochester says.