Control lawless taxi industry

THE taxi industry thinks it's a law unto itself .

I am happy about Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane's statements regarding the behaviour of the taxi industry. Voting for the ANC does not give taxi operators the right to be unruly or ungovernable.

They have no right to hide behind their vote because the commuters voted as well and we deserve much better treatment from the industry.

I hope the premier has a clear and realistic plan to deal with the industry because others before her had also made similar statements and nothing came of them.

BRT will give commuters their money's worth and is welcome.

The problem that Mokonyane will be facing is the fact that most taxis are owned by government officials. She must be bold and tough against them and let us hope that she will win the fight.

I am yet to hear a constructive statement made by Phillip Taaibosch, South African National Taxi Council's general secretary, yet they expect us to take them seriously.

Solomon Bokaba, Soshanguve