Consumers disappointed with Unilever

Consumers polled yesterday had mixed feelings about whether they will continue using Sunlight 2-in-1 washing powder after an Advertising Standards Authority ruling over alleged misrepresentation of the product.

"I always thought it contained both. It has worked for me until now. I'll compare it with other products and make a decision."

Mata Tshabalala said she was disappointed by the lie. "I've been using Sunlight 2-in-1 because it leaves my clothes soft. I will stop buying it."

Loveness Ngwe-nya said she feels cheated that the manufacturers took advantage of uneducated people.

"I will not buy it again," Ngwenya said.

Agnes Makwarele, 27, said: "I've been using it for years.

"I'll continue buying it even if it does not contain fabric softener. It's cheaper anyway."

Catherine Mazibuko, 59, said she was an ardent fan of Sunlight since she grew up using the product.

Constance Kgaguni, 47, said Sunlight was the only one that does not aggravate her skin problem. "It's cheaper than the other products anyway."