Resignations in Cope no crisis

THE Congress of the People continues to grow steadily on a daily basis and this is of course contrary to the expectation of forces of evil located within the ranks of the ruling party.

The resignation of one or two individuals from the party does not constitute a crisis.

Let us remind our people of what Cope stands for. The party stands for responsible leadership characterised by honesty and respect for the Constitution because the Constitution embodies the aspirations of our people.

These aspirations include among others, building a society that is non-racist, non-sexist and non-tribalist.

Cope's economic policies will catapult this country into the status of a developmental state and this will enable a Cope-led government to realise its constitutionally enshrined socio- economic imperatives such as providing housing, clean water, electricity and that sort of thing.

Cope will further transform the economy by ensuring that it is not merely obsessed with creating a black bourgeoisie, but will imbue in our people a spirit of entrepreneurship in order to grow the economy of the country.

The goals stated above can only be achieved if South Africans join hands with us in a new agenda for change and hope. Our people must know that Cope is not the Jacob Zuma hate club as the Malemas of this world would like people to believe.

Viva Cope, viva!

Muntu Moroleand Nkosehle Ngomane, Hazyview