Murdered after celebrating divorce

AT MIDDAY on Saturday Boitumelo Mafura opened a bottle of wine and celebrated her divorce - at 9pm four bullets from a hitman ended her life.

Her "abusive" marriage ended on July 3 when the South Gauteng high court in Johannesburg finalised the divorce decree.

Last Thursday, two days before her murder, her former husband visited and ordered her to nulify their divorce, according to Mafura's sister, Johannesburg Metro Police spokesperson Inspector Edna Mamonyane.

Mafura, 45, was gunned down as she arrived at her home in Rosettenville, Johannesburg, on Saturday night. Mafura, a mother of three daughters aged 10,18 and 22, had left her sister's house at 8.30pm after the celebration to "an end of the nine years of marriage hell".

Mamonyane said: "I called my sister on Thursday and one of her daughters answered her cellphone. She told me that her mother and stepfather were in the bedroom and were yelling at each other.

"She returned my call later and told me that her husband had ordered her to reverse the divorce."

On Saturday Mafura visited her sister. "She was in high spirits. She seemed very happy. She told me that she felt like "a big burden had been removed from my shoulders".

"We sat talking the whole day. But before she left she revisited her relationship with her ex-husband. She told me that she had been in an abusive relationship for a long time but was now free," said Mamonyane.

"Just before 9pm I received a call from her daughter telling me that she had been shot. I rushed there and when I arrived she was already dead," she said.

She said nothing was stolen from Mafura. "It was a hit. The car, two cellphones, money and other valuables would have been taken had it been a robbery," she said.

Earlier her sister could not stop talking about what should happen when she died.

"She kept on saying 'in the event I die, don't do the funeral service at my house because of the fighting. You must also not mourn my death but celebrate my life. Let my friends drink because I drink'."

Mafura's eldest daughter, Lerato, said her mother was like a friend and a sister to her. "She was everything to me. She would take us anywhere we wanted to go."

She will be buried at Avalon Cemetery on Saturday. The service will be held at Mondeor, Johannesburg.