Master skaters indazzling theatre on ice

THE Imperial Ice Stars are headed for Montecasino's Teatro.

You will be able to see the wizards of ice at the Gauteng theatre from the end of the year until the beginning of January.

The Imperial Ice Stars have won international critical acclaim and five-star reviews with The Sleeping Beauty on Ice and Swan Lake on Ice . Now they will thrill locals with a brand new production of Cinderella on Ice .

More than two million people across the world have been swept off their feet at the most prestigious theatres.

The Imperial Ice Stars specialise in theatrical ice, skating in the intimacy of the theatre. Synonymous with ice-skating innovation, they are renowned for their daring skating and unique style of storytelling.

Cinderella on Ice, their third production, showcases stunning skating feats, some of which have only been seen in Olympic arenas and others that have never been seen before. They include breathtaking high-speed throws and incredible lifts and lift sequences.

Producer James Cundall, chief executive of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, explains: "By giving these exceptionally talented skaters the freedom to experiment outside competitive skating, while working with some of the top figure skating coaches in the world, we are able to take ice choreography to new limits."

Cinderella on Ice was conceived and choreographed by Tony Mercer, who is regarded as the world's leading creator of theatre on ice.

Evgeny Platov, dual Olympic gold medallist and four-time world champion, and Alexander Zhulin, Olympic silver and bronze medallist and world champion, collaborated with Mercer to produce another ice masterpiece.