Listen to the pain of Tamils in Sri Lanka

THE world must save the Tamils, especially the women and children.

We cried and cried loudly across the world but no one came to save us. Now our loved ones are dead, buried and burnt.

We are still crying to save the rest of our children, women, brothers and parents.

Is there anyone who can hear us? Is there anyone who has a kind heart, without political gain and greed? Sixty million Tamils do not have a voice. Ten million Tamils across the world are crying.

Why is the world deaf, arrogant and heartless? After independence in 1948 the Tamils were suppressed, killed and tortured, yet they managed to keep their pride and self-reliance. Jobs, education and rights are denied them but the Tamils have managed to live in their own homes and manage their lives.

The government of Sri Lanka puts them in slums and plans to suppress them until the last Tamil dies. This is genocide.

Nobody knows what is happening in the camps where many young people go missing.

Please expose the killing and raping in the camps.

Athavan, Bern, Switzerland