'My dismissal was political'

THE former chief executive officer of Kgapane Hospital in Limpopo, Benny Moshobane, is out to clear his name and reputation he claims was tarnished when he was dismissed last year.

Moshobane said he would meet the department of health and social development in an arbitration that will be held at the hospital next month.

He hoped the arbitration would help clear his name from allegations that led to his dismissal.

This after he was removed from his position as the hospital's head in October last year.

Moshobane was accused of various charges ranging from fraud and corruption to nepotism.

He said he was ready to face the department at the arbitration on August 12 to give his side of the story, a move he believed would finally clear his name from the mess.

The disgruntled Moshobane told Sowetan that the decision to fire him was made with the influence of some political leaders who allegedly wanted to "achieve their political goals".

According to him he was also accused of tribalism because he allegedly did not employ other tribes, such as the Tsonga-speaking people, at the hospital.

"I know that after arbitration I will have cleared my name from all the mess I was accused of," he said.

He also accused the department of being biased towards him during the time of the disciplinary hearing since the departmental officials allegedly "never listened to my side of the story".

But Moshobane did not explain what action he would take should he be cleared of the allegations after arbitration.

The spokesperson for the department of health and social development in the province, Selby Makgotho, said he would rather not comment on the issue as it was still under review.