The real reason behind the many strikes

IT seems different industries or sectors go on strike every day. We have inaugurated our fourth democratically elected president.

I have this question that I have tried hard to get answers for, but now I see the light. Are we South Africans running out of patience to such an extent that we cannot even give our new government at least six months to settle in?

I then remembered the promises that were made to us during the election campaign - service delivery and good quality housing.

I also remembered the money that was spent by the ruling party on the elections campaign - about R5million. Where has the money gone?

Come to think of it how much money would the ruling party spend if the elections were to be held in August, if they could spend R5million in two months?

Consider all the T-shirts given to people, the billboards that were each rented for R47000 a month, all the election posters that were mounted on every street pole, the plush cars, food parcels, parties every weekend and rallies.

What happened to the food parcels? Where did they vanished to after the elections? Could it be that we will receive them again in five years' time?

Do we now tighten our belts even tighter?

I understand why South Africans are going on strike every day. It is simply because during the elections we saw that there was money.

It does not matter whether the money came from sponsors or the Independent Electoral Commission. The fact is that people need that money even more now.

Tamara Mahanjana, COPE Tshwane Youth Regional Secretary