Tenants are being ripped off

AFTER reading last week about the Braamfontein building where people pay exorbitant rent I was not surprised by unfolding events.

This was long overdue. No matter what they do to the tenants it won't help because the truth is out, thank you very much to Sowetan.

Though many issues were covered by the report I believe a more in-depth investigation has to take place.

People are taken for a ride in this place. Why are expected to pay R3400 a month, yet when you drive around Braamfontein this building is one of the worst in the area.

What surprises me most is that renovators are busy in some flats, which leads people to believe that better things are on the way.

The building in question consists of about 120 flats and if you renovate only 20, who are you fooling but yourself?

My concern is that the so-called caretaker owns some of the flats. I wonder if the letting office knows about this. More than 10 flats do not have leaseholders but are occupied.

Why do people in the building buy electricity that is so costly? This is a total rip-off.

Everyone needs a place to stay but tenants are being overcharged and falsely promised ownership of the apartments.

I would like to help the poor souls who are being ripped off by one greedy landlord.

Some people there will be victimised and even evicted, but they should stand together and fight.

Qhubani Ndlovu,