ANC chairperson suspended

DIVISIONS within the ANC in the Capricorn region of Limpopo over a suitable candidate to lead the region have led to the suspension of a ward councillor and a branch chairperson in the Blouberg municipality.

The region will hold its elective conference from September 4 to 6, and so far the name of former Polokwane mayor Lawrence Mapoulo and that of current regional chairperson Chuene Malebana have been earmarked for chairperson. .

Two brothers - Dan Sematla, chairperson of the Phistos Mothudi branch of the ANC, and David Sematla, ward 18 councillor in the Blouberg municipality - were suspended yesterday by the branch executive committee. .

Among other reasons, the two political bigwigs were suspended for allegedly dividing the Mamadi community in the area, abuse of power, bringing the organisation into disrepute and failure to live up to the mandate of the committee.

The Sematlas said their suspension was fuelled by the succession battle raging in the region for the chairpersonship.

"They suspended us in order to silence us from pushing the person we want from our own branches to lead the region. We want to say to those behind this that no amount of pressure, oppression or sabotage will deter us from putting the right person as chairperson for the region," they said.

Secretary of the branch Phomola Molea confirmed the suspensions and said the two would be hauled before a disciplinary hearing.

He said a special committee meeting had been arranged to take place today, where a date and venue for their appearance would be discussed.

A new regional executive committee for the ANC will be elected at the September elective conference.

The majority of the branches want Mapoulo to take over from Malebana as the new chairperson, while a minority of the 133 branches in the region want Malebana to remain in the position.