Landlords are ripping offpoor tenants

WE, THE tenants of Clifton Heights, have been abused for ages by the building's owners, Connaught Properties. We are forced to pay high rentals for poor services.

Dictatorship ownership has been the order of the day for many years.

We have had enough and are prepared to unite and fight for our rights because we can no longer afford the charges and abuse.

Our service delivery is the worst in the whole of Braamfontein, yet we live in the most expensive building.

If you raise your complaint as an individual you are kicked out of the building and your contract is terminated immediately. You don't even get part of your deposit back.

We live with cockroaches and large rats. The corridors and dustbins are always dirty or full.

Our monthly statements are full of charges that we do not understand. We even pay for their security staff, meter readers and lift maintenance personnel.

For a one bedroom flat you pay up to R3400, excluding other charges that make up a substantial amount considering most of us have incomes of less than that.

They have also installed their own meters and you can't buy electricity cards from outlets such as Pick n Pay. You are not allowed to buy with cash and the minimum you can buy is R100, which lasts only four days.

As much as we appreciate the use of meters, why should we only buy from them? Even the consumption is questionable.

I wish your journalists would come and take a look at our building in Braamfontein.

Concerned Tenants,Braamfontein