Sadtu threatens strike over OSD

THE South African Democratic Teachers' Union is threatening yet another strike if its demands regarding the occupation specific dispensation are not met.

An agreement was in the offing yesterday at the bargaining chamber but even before the outcome was announced Sadtu was threatening to strike.

The union said it was considering rolling mass action if the government continues to "not take us seriously".

Sadtu said it believed some of its demands had not been responded to.

"When we resort to industrial action it is because we have no other choice," said Sadtu national president Thobile Ntola, pictured.

The union is also under pressure from members to finalise OSD arrangements in the new financial year that starts today.

"Teachers were expecting their salaries to be adjusted as promised in April this year," Ntola said.

The union said it was not expecting this to be implemented today in terms of previous demands, but over time. It wants the government to implement the new salary structure from July 1 2010 and July 1 2012, but the government has suggested 2015 and 2016 as implementation dates.

Teachers are being paid from money saved through not paying salary progression, which is why the government wants to delay the implementation of new salary structures for a few more years, the union claimed.