Council to drive out 'ghosts on death road'

THE ghosts allegedly haunting the main road at GaSekgopo village in Limpopo will be exorcised in a cleansing ceremony next week.

The Letaba municipality plans to lead a prayer meeting in a bid to stop the many horrendous accidents involving heavy-duty vehicles on the allegedly haunted road.

The allegedly haunted site at the village is situated between Polokwane and Modjadjiskloof.

The cleansing ceremony is aimed at clearing the road of evil spirits that are believed to contribute to the accidents that have claimed many lives in the past five years.

This busy stretch of road links Mopani district with other parts of the province. More than 20 heavy-duty trucks and light delivery vehicles have been involved in accidents on the route in the past two years, many allegedly after their brakes failed.

Municipal spokesperson Vyida Rakubu said companies lost millions of rands in cargo through these accidents.

She said the accidents had been going on for some years and it was time that something was done to make sure the carnage stopped.

She said the ceremony, which will include prayers, will be attended by municipal officials, traditional healers, chiefs, pastors, officials from the department of transport and communities from 11 villages.

"The area is quiet at the moment, but the prayer meeting is vital to save lives," said Kgamedi Seshoka, spokesperson for the Modjadjiskloof police.