WITH White Wedding continuing to break records, Kenneth Nkosi and Rapulana Seiphemo are not even thinking of taking a holiday to bask in glory - they are already working on another movie.

All publicist Jody Sapieka was prepared to say was confirm to that the White Wedding team, comprising Nkosi, Seiphemo and director Jann Turner, are finalising the script and that shooting is scheduled to start before year's end.

Turner said: "I cannot tell you much because we don't want to let the cat out of the bag. I cannot even tell you the working title but, yes, the guys are working on a new movie. These guys have established a company to make movies and they are doing just that."

Turner said White Wedding was well received locally and that several international movie companies were interested in the film.

"Everybody has been saying that White Wedding has made millions but the truth is that all the money is going into the next project. This movie has suddenly made South Africans realise that they can laugh at themselves," she said.

All a coy Sapieka was prepared to say was that the new movie was going to be a comedy but that it would be a completely different story line.

White Wedding smashed local movie records, making more than R4million on its opening weekend, surpassing even the Oscar-winning Tsotsi.