Ladies happy Confed is over

For some women, the end of the Confederations Cup is a huge relief.

While South Africa was revelling in the euphoria of the tournament, "Confederations Cup widows" had to compete with tight-bottomed men for their partners' attention.

While the men watched the matches the women's roles were simply those of waitresses and barmaids.

Asemahle Mda of East London, said she had always been second to soccer in her boyfriend's life.

"I swear, I always have to compete with these men in shorts kicking a ball around this massive field for a living," Mda said.

She said for her lover, soccer came first, "then his mother, studies, food, the Internet and somewhere at the bottom is me".

"The minute a soccer match comes on, it's like I don't even exist. It was worse with this Confed Cup," said Mda, who lives with her boyfriend, Bonga Makhabela.

She said she would often wake up alone because he had to watch a repeat of a match he missed earlier. Mda said she once suspected that her man might be "scoring with the other team".

Lindsey Leung of Joburg said she was ecstatic that the tournament was over.

"My boyfriend constantly talked about it," the unimpressed Leung said.

If this is what some women had to put up with during the Confed Cup - considered a practice run for the World Cup - imagine how much damage will occur during the month-long tournament next year.

Divorce lawyers might be in demand then and there could be a lot of neglected ladies around.