Ignorant Mokoena must go

YOUR article "Zone host fights to get job back" refers.

YOUR article "Zone host fights to get job back" refers.

I read with disbelief that the ill-informed Walter Mokoena is fighting to get his job back after he was made "moemish" of the week when our national team was walloped by Spain.

It was embarrassing but expected from Mokoena.

I, and some people from Venda, once felt insulted when Mokoena stupidly asked Gavin Hunt how he was going to cope in Venda and was he not afraid that only frogs would come out when he opened the water tap. This was after Gavin was appointed Black Leopards coach.

The very same Mokoena was seen holding a plate of food during a team event and eating as if he had not seen food for weeks.

The ink was not yet dry when, on national television, he asked the nation if they had a clue "Who lost his virginity by sleeping with a goat?"

Mokoena is still wet behind the ears as far as broadcasting is concerned. How to behave when he is behind the camera does not seem to be one of the lessons he has learnt.

The man deserves to be punished and dismissed because he has abused his platform to drive his agenda home by saying Bafana Bafana captain Aaron Mokoena and coach Joel Santana should be dismissed.

As a programme host one really should not be biased.

We really cannot afford to have people like Mokoena on our public broadcaster channels. People who are shallow and ignorant.

By saying what he said, Mokoena was polluting the minds of the viewing public.

We cannot afford to change coaches like underwear whenever it suits us, bearing in mind that the World Cup is around the corner.

Mokoena should be dismissed and he should put his head in the sand with shame.

Tshifhiwa Magadani, Tshirolwe