I fear no one, Zola tells his stalkers

KWAITO star and television presenter Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka Zola 7, has warned his stalkers that the law will take its course.

TheZola 7 presenter has opened a case with the police after threatening SMSes were continuously sent to him and his relatives.

Police spokesperson Inspector Lorraine van Emmerik confirmed that a case of intimidation was being investigated by the Brixton police to establish the source of the threatening messages.

Dlamini told Sowetan he received up to 10 such messages daily. He has submitted them all to the police.

"I know one of them is a man and a friend from my past," Dlamini said. "He is somebody who, I think, is jealous of my success.

"The other one is a female whom I suspect could be a former girlfriend. This woman hates the mothers of my two children with a passion.

"She sends messages to the mothers of my children threatening to run my children over. I think this woman follows me around because every time I leave my children's homes I get a message.

"My lawyers are preparing a case against these people.

"This is one time I will not be forgiving because the lives of my two children are being threatened. They even call my mother to threaten her."

Dlamini said he was not living in fear, though.

"I'm afraid of no one," he said. "I'm from Zola in Soweto and grew up with roughnecks. I will not be intimidated. It's a pity I cannot show the messages."

He said the messages were being sent from various pre-paid numbers. He had no idea how these people got his private numbers.

Investigations have revealed that the numbers are linked to his circle of friends. He downplayed suggestions that it could be boyfriends of female fans or women he bedded.

"If women are crazy about me it's not my fault," he said. "So if a guy has a problem with that he should deal with his insecurity and not threaten me and my family."