Youth need help to reach goals

HERE is my take on what should be added to youth empowerment structures

HERE is my take on what should be added to youth empowerment structures

Existing structures are failing poverty-stricken communities. Time is running out and more can be done to eradicate the problems facing our youth.

It has been proved that aggression results when people are denied their goals. Human beings cannot be segmented. Their education needs cannot be separated from their health, housing and other needs. A lot more can be done for people caught in the deprivation trap.

The pressure is gradually intensifying for the government to rescue millions of underprivileged South Africans . We need people to volunteer their time and skills to meet the government halfway to develop initiatives that will benefit poor communities.

Our country is in desperate need of projects that will boost the confidence of the youth. This can be accomplished with the help of people who have philanthropic potential.

Most government structures have failed dismally to free people from poverty.

We cannot afford to be complacent while we know that a lot more work can be done.

We can and must empower youth through sports, academia and so on.

We need to make help available, visible and accessible to all impoverished communities. We must establish projects that will be sustainable while ensuring that the work is done in a more efficient and effective manner.

Khumbulani Hadebe, IFPsecretary, Ward 61, Jeppestown