'Tshwane got it right hosting Cup games'

THE city of Tshwane's community safety department says Pretoria hosted a successful Confederations Cup.

"We effectively patrolled all areas around the stadium and public viewing areas," said the department's strategic executive director Commissioner Mpho Mmutle.

Mmutle was speaking at a press briefing in Pretoria yesterday to provide a review of the services offered by his department.

He said the department was particularly proud of its park-and-ride system.

"No incident was reported at either the traffic closures or the park-and-ride facilities. We did not experience any traffic congestion, even during the fully subscribed Brazil-Italy match.

"We also made an operational adjustment by introducing a fourth park-and-ride option due to the high volumes of cars and fans."

Mmutle said some issues still had to be improved.

"The first concern that we would like to warn the fans about is the tendency by some fans to allow illegal parking attendants to direct them where to park, usually outside the designated parking areas.

"Some of the fans seemed to resort to this unsafe approach because they were late and wanted to get to the buses quicker."

Mmutle said illegal advertisements and the selling of counterfeit goods which contained the Fifa logo were minimal.

He said 5380 items, including flags, toys, lights, cigarettes, caps, hats, and other goods were either seized or found abandoned.

Two arrests were made for possession of dagga, one person was arrested for possession of LSD tablets, and one person was arrested for trying to sell a stolen laptop.

The city of Tshwane hosted matches involving Brazil, Italy and the US.