Why are police only visible now?

I READ with disappointment in the Sowetan dated June 18 about the visibility of police officers during the Confederations Cup.

What I fail to understand is why do the authorities only become concerned about crime and take serious steps only when there are international events taking place in the country?

How many times has the whole country - from ordinary people to business people - complained about crime and yet the authorities are doing nothing about it?

What kind of message are the authorities and the government sending to the majority of South Africans?

Does it mean our outcry is not good enough for them to do something or are we less important?

Suddenly, the lack of personnel and resources is no longer an issue. And there seems to be enough money to pay all these extra services.

I would like to plead with the authorities to be fair to the lawful abiding citizens of this country and ensure that they protect them.

The public needs to know that we have a government that we can trust and that will serve the interests of their constituency first before anybody or anything else.

If they can do it with the Confederations Cup and other events, why can't they do it under normal circumstances?

The taxman is "chawing" a lot from us and there is no excuse for lack of service delivery.

Suzan Mashinini, Soweto