State undermines youth

THE National Youth Development Agency is an empowerment of askaris, hooligans, and loyalists of capitalists doctrine.

Post-1994 has been years of expectations, excitement and anticipation of continuous joy of the young people of this country. To some of them, besides their extensive anticipations, loyalty was also a cloud hovering above their dreams.

Their expectations arose out of their efforts, selflessness and sacrifices they made against the brutal apartheid systems through their blood and sweat. Their visible mental scars are testimony that the current system shall never be equivalent to the past regime.

Indeed, they have lived and removed doubts of reality to be waved by winds of change.

Was their dance irrelevant to the first beat of democratic drums?

The current regime gave birth to the National Youth Commission as regulated by the commissions' act to champion the interests and aspirations of young people in this country. And that has also being certified by the statutory allocation of the budget for the young people with the so-called Umsobomvu.

The present situation has really attested to the fact that the current regime undermines the voice of the young people. The introduction of the so-called National Youth Commission was an empowerment of the comrades who owe their loyalty to the ANC. And the same thing also applied to the current lucrative gravy train imposed to us as the National Youth Development Agency.

Besides being caught off-guard, we have expected the National Youth Commission and Umsobomvu to account directly to young people on the achievements they made during the past 14 years since their formation.

Do we really need agencies or commissions as the young people of this country or youth ministry? Who are the main beneficiaries of these commissions and agencies?

It goes without saying that government is hellbent and willing to inflict diplomatic carnage against young people of this country. The role of the young people of this country is only to cast votes but not to make decisions.

Young people continue to be irritated by the irrational and fixed-term projects of the expanded public works programme. They worked only for a few months under the so-called learnerships and internships without being absorbed into companies or government. But the sponsored Statistics South Africa claims that most of them are employed.

It is about time that young people of this country propagate unity, cohesion and adopt radical strategies for the socialist change.

Aubrey Ngwatle, PAC Provincial spokesperson