Boucher to rekindle love

THERE must be something about our country that keeps Judy Boucher coming back to our shores.

THERE must be something about our country that keeps Judy Boucher coming back to our shores.

The Caribbean-born songstress, whose music has stood the test of time, will perform at Carnival City in Ekurhuleni on Friday.

Known for her signature ballads, smooth, soul-soothing music, Boucher will take her audience a lot further into her evergreens. She will remind fans of their good times, their sad times, their break-ups and their make-ups through stunning, well-thought-out lyrics.

The dignified matriarch who sings from the heart has never strayed too far from her island roots. Boucher infuses a bit of jazz, blues, ballads and her native soca to meld her varied influences into stunning classics that seem to be passed from one generation to the next.

Right now our weather is still relatively cool in the evenings and you want to hold on tight to the one you love.

Why not kindle the lost spark with nostalgic songs such as Can't be with you Tonight, Crying in the Rain, Trying to get over You, Mr Dream maker, The Sunshine Medley, and Turn Back The Time?

These and many other songs will leave goose bumps all over your body.

Boucher explains why her songs remain popular: "My songs are reality, songs that take the average person through the different emotions, no matter who you are.

"There are some songs that instantly transport us back in time, or take us out of ourselves."

Her love for South Africa gave birth to her hugely popular top selling album, Tears On My Pillow.

Boucher's long-standing flirtation with reggae does not surprise that Boucher will unleash the UK's premier reggae artist Vivian Jones in her bill.

Jones, who has been making musical waves in England for almost two decades, is described as a sophisticated singer with a warm and soulful voice.

Loading Zone, the jazz band based in Cape Town, will show why they have been successful for more than 20 years. These jazz gurus are made of sterner stuff and they will not disappoint the audience.

Doors open at 6pm. If you don't have a ticket yet, which are selling for R120 to R150 from Computicket, get one quickly.