Sadtu has itspriorities skewed

JUNE is youth month in South Africa, yet Sadtu's priorities are skewed. In June last year, the teachers' union also chose to go on a strike and to disrupt classes in Soweto.

The union's actions were declared illegal by the courts. Their actions included intimidation, violence and targeting those teachers who were at schools and doing their job.

Sadtu's action goes against the spirit of providing quality education to children. Soweto is a township known for defending and championing the rights of education, but what a change in 33 years.

The DA fully supports Premier Nomvula Mokonyane and her commitment to deal with teachers who disrupted classes and abandoned their learners.

Teachers must be able to strike a balance between their rights and their responsibilities.

The Gauteng department of education must emphasise that all schools implement time on task, employ dedicated and well prepared teachers, technology for curriculum per subject and regular testing for learners. These are all essential for learning.

Should the department focus on these essentials, Gauteng will be able to equip all learners with the necessary skills for life and will be able to compete in a global economy.

Khume Ramulifho, MPL