Two self-acclaimed "kings' of Shangaan music, Penny Penny and General Muzika, are collaborating on a new album that is meant to settle the dispute between them as to who is the real 'king'.

The album, which will allow fans to indicate the best of the two by SMS, will be released next month.

Penny Penny confirmed to Sowetan at the weekend that he was working with Muzika on the new album.

He was speaking from Sierra Leone, where he is performing. He had been there for a while.

He said he would come back to South Africa to entertain his fans.

Penny Penny, who is popular on the continent, particularly in West Africa, has released hits such as Papa Penny, Yogo-Yogo, Xirilo and Hai Kamina.

He has released about 20 albums since the 1990s.

Muzika and Penny told Sowetan that collaborating has been their dream since 1993 and that dream was realised last year when they shared the stage in Mozambique.

Meanwhile, their collaborative album, titled King versus General, is aimed at uniting their fans.

The album is produced by Joe Shirimane and Ringo Mkhari.