Affirmative action is bad

WE ARE so proudly South African that I could burst! The Springboks are the rugby world champions, the Sevens Boks are the world champions, the Proteas and Baby Boks have not done badly in the world champions, Thato Mokoena was victorious in Berlin and Bafana Bafana have drawn with Iraq. Not bad.

We shall remain proud of all this when we move to Sydney in a few days. Viva all dedicated South African artists, writers, teachers, scientists, nurses, doctors, firemen, policemen, researchers, moms and workers, viva!

We won't bore you with my family's history as victims of violent crime. I don't think you will understand that bodyguards and au pairs are not middle class families. Nor will we saddle you with how a white woman with 15 years retail experience and five university degrees, was pipped to the post (no pun intended) by a young black man with a retail diploma and "current experience", for an area manager's post of a leading ladies' fashion chain.

We take with us our two well-educated sons on the verge of manhood. Affirmative action is bad medicine, you know. Eish!

President Jacob Zuma, we hope you will come to grips with the different roles of ceremonial head of state and executive president. The first is admired and liked by all while the latter makes unpopular decisions. We hope too that you get the skills needed for your generous and creative policies and plans and stop the plunder of state resources. Goodbye President Zuma and good luck!

The Coetzee family, Joburg