The Signs will dazzle all families

THE musical The Signs make a refreshing return to the stage of the Joburg Theatre for a one-week run.

Promoters promise a show that will dazzle the entire family with what it describes as an Africa-meets-Broadway presentation.

Created by singer-songwriter Audrey Mbuyazi, the lively musical re-tells the story of Jesus Christ.

"With a multi-ethnic and diverse South African cast, a compelling sound track that is sure to resonate with its audience, foot stomping choreography and the use of multimedia video and lighting technology, The Signs is set to touch the very core of anyone who sees it," says producer Dumisani Nkala.

The show, which debuted in 2005 with a two-night run, premieres on June 23.

"Ever since the previous run audiences have been clamouring for a rerun of the musical on a premier Johannesburg stage." Nkala says.

"The show returns to present the facts, to tell the true story in an entertaining way, to show the truth that is not always apparent though it is in front of one's face.

"With this production, there is an opportunity to present the Christian community and anyone wo wants to explore this path of truth with a safe environment and creative art and theatre that taps into their deepest aspirations and corresponds with their core values and deepest beliefs," Nkala says.

Mbuyazi says the musical will provide audiences with the same electric energy and fervour enjoyed in iconic faith-based musicals such as Stephen Schwartz's hit Godspell and Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic Jesus Christ Superstar.

"What makes The Signs even more compelling for the South African audience is that it brings a fresh relevance to a universal story with a fresh appeal for the South African mind.

"South Africans are gospel-loving people and are going to love the musical.

"Statistics seem to confirm these facts beyound any doubt

"On the music scene it is a generally accepted fact the gospel is one of the most popular genres and also one of the biggest money-spinners in South Africa.

"This is proven by the growing number of gospel shows on television catering for the Christian audience."

The Signs has an 18-member cast of dancers and singers .