Teachers must grow up and govt must pay

IT has come to my attention that teachers are disrupting pupils who are in the midst of writing their June examinations.

Apparently the reason for this is that they have allegedly not been paid for several months.

Teachers used to be respected by the media but that is no longer the case because of the way they behave in front of schoolchildren.

They behave like uneducated people and that is shown up very badly in the media.

Now no one wishes to become a teacher anymore.

I believe teachers should behave professionally no matter what problems they have.

They must ensure that their image is not tainted and they can do this by behaving with dignity.

At the same time the government must pay teachers their salaries because they have a huge role to play in educating our children.

The government must pay teachers what they deserve because they are the people who educate our children and in this way improve our children's lives, which is not easy to do.

We need teachers to make schools centres of excellence and to produce the best pupils.

So the government must also, at the end of the day, ensure that teachers are happy. If they are happy, teachers will excel in their jobs.

Our government promised to prioritise education and it is not even three months since that statement was made and Soweto teachers are out on the streets.

Our future as a nation depends to a large extent on teachers and we need to support them at all cost so they can deliver the best to our children.

After all, education is the key to success.

Ayanda Ngcatshe, Natalspruit