cruelty TO animals

AMPUMALANGA farm worker went berserk this week, brutally beating and hacking eight dogs that had allegedly killed and devoured his chickens.

Tsobi Ndlovu, 51, of the farm Wildebeesfontein, popularly known as Mondoro Lodge, between Balfour and Heidelberg, was away from home and returned to find his dogs had killed 11 of his chickens and had eaten some of them.

He became enraged and allegedly attacked them with a metal object, killing two of them.

He then hanged them from a tree on the property.

The fate of the other six dogs is not known.

Mpumalanga police spokesperson Superintendent Abie Khoabane said Ndlovu was arrested and charged with cruelty toanimals.

Khoabane said Ndlovu's co-worker spotted two dogs hanging from a tree.

He alerted the employer, who in turn told the police and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA).

The superintendent said Ndlovu had later allegedly taken the dogs down from the tree and dumped them in a pit toilet.

On arrival at the farm the police found the two dogs in the toilet and "the other six are still missing".

Khoabane said Ndlovu refused to cooperate with the police and they had to rely on information from witnesses.

But, he allegedly told one witness that he had killed the dogs to stop them from repeating what they did.

Meanwhile, the NSPCA in Johannesburg condemned the killing of the dogs as a criminal act.

NSPCA spokesperson Chris Kuch told Sowetan yesterday that the man had contravened the Animals Protection Act and should be prosecuted.

Kuch said there were ways to solve the problem. He could either have handed the dogs over to the NSPCA or tied them up them to keep away from thechickens. "We do not know why they [the dogs] did it, he said..

"If they killed for food the question would be why did he not feed them properly?.

Kuch also said Ndlovu should know that "two wrongs do not make a right".

Ndlovu appeared in the Balfour magistrate's court yesterday and his case was postponed to July 9 for further investigation.

He was released on a warning.