'Now we can help the kids'

BELINDA Katz couldn't believe her luck when Mama Angel knocked at the door of Our Children's Fund.

"Thank you for caring," development manager Katz said. "At a time when it is so hard to keep our projects going we are very grateful for your generous donation to Our Children's Fund.

"We do not need to tell you that working with hunger and poverty can be very distressing, but because of your kindness we are now able to provide nourishing meals for the poorest of the poor that fall under our care.

"You have given our children hope and the knowledge that there is someone who cares. Without your help we would not be able to continue with this vital work."

Without a healthy and happy environment in which to grow up children cannot look forward to a decent future.

If we cannot give them nutritious food, warm clothes and a decent education children have little to look forward to.

The feeding fund was started more than 61 years ago in an effort to give poor children a decent start in life, irrespective of race, colour or creed. Among the schools it support re MC Weiler in Alexandra and New Nation in Vrededorp.

They feed 2500 learners every day and give 150 street people a meal every weekend.

If you want to donate Belinda can be reached on 011-646-2409.