Candy for your eyes

WHERE do you get your range of glasses from?

We buy most of our range from overseas. Our frames are mainly imported from France, Belgium and America and a few are sourced from other countries as well.

Which are your most popular brands?

Our clients have such diverse tastes and styles. It is a very individual choice and depends a lot on personal preference.

We do have a very extensive range including Alain Mikli, which people seem to love, Eye DC is a firm favourite as are Theo, Eye Witness, Anne et Valentin and then the ever popular well-known labels such as Chanel, Prada and Tom Ford.

Our Versace's also appeal to certain tastes. Other's prefer Oliver Peoples or Paul Smith. People come into our shop and say that they've never seen a range as wide as this.

How do you advise people on which frames to choose?

At Eyecandy, we try to bring people out of their comfort zone and encourage them to choose something unusual. This is what we tell them:

Trust your own judgment.

Your pupils should be in the centre of the frame and in the middle of the lens, otherwise they're not the right size and shape for you.

The frames must feel comfortable on your face.

The frames should speak to your personality, as if they were made with your particular face in mind.

The price of the frame is not important - choose a frame that suits you and accentuates your face.

How long have you been in business?

For about four-and-a-half years.