Who burnt the tree that fell on this car?

MPUMALANGA police are appealing for information that will help them arrest the person who burnt a big tree that later fell on a car, nearly killing its occupants.

The tree was burning from the bottom of the trunk and suddenly fell on the road when a car with two brothers and their mother was driving past on the main road at Xanthia village on Saturday afternoon.

"We are investigating an attempted murder case though not against the tree but the person who burnt it.

"Those people were nearly killed," Mpumalanga's Superintendent Abie Khoabane said.

Norman Sithole, 46, his brother Colbert, 49, and their mother, Rodah Belina Mokoena, were travelling on the main road when the tree fell on the car's bonnet, nearly crushing them to death.

Nobody was injured in the accident but Mokoena had to be treated for high blood pressure owing to shock.

Mpumalanga legislature deputy speaker Violet Siwela arrived at the scene to offer support.

"I could not believe my eyes when I saw that big tree on top of the car. God really made miracles here," Siwela said.

Khoabane said police were investigating.