TOUGH TALK: Anwar Dramat has warned criminals that his new unit is going all-out to smash them. Pic: BAFANA MAHLANGU. 09/06/2009. © Sowetan.
TOUGH TALK: Anwar Dramat has warned criminals that his new unit is going all-out to smash them. Pic: BAFANA MAHLANGU. 09/06/2009. © Sowetan.

THE new head of the Directorate of Priority Crimes Investigation unit Anwar Dramat came out with guns blazing yesterday.

At his first public appearance since his appointment last month, Dramat said the unit intended to join the battlefield with the community and other crime-fighting initiatives to "crush the backbone of organised crime" in the country.

He said: "We are hopeful that later next month criminals will start to realise our ability not only to bite but also to chew.

"We are a strong, capable and well resourced to hunt any criminal, anywhere and any time."

Dramat said they were building the capacity the unit to ensure that South Africans enjoyed their hard-earned liberty without fear of criminals and international syndicates.

"Our mandate is simple - crush organised crime without mercy. Deal with criminals, regardless of their stature or standing.

"We are ready to execute this task," he said.

Dramat was guest speaker at the SAPS security plan for the Confederations Cup and the Fifa 2010 World Cup in Krugersdorp on the West Rand.

South African Police Service Assistant Commissioner Ben Groenewald spoke about the readiness of the police ahead of this weekend's kickoff of the Confederations Cup.

He also highlighted the importance of public-police partnerships to ensure the success of an event as large as the Fifa 2010 World Cup.

Groenewald said: "Hooligans and terrorists will not be allowed in the country.

"If they find their way in they will be kicked out."

Bafana Bafana kick off the "Festival of Champions" tournament when they take on Iraq on Sunday in what is expected to be an exciting match.

A strong contingent of members of the South African Police Service, Joburg metro police, organising committee guards and stewards will be there to ensure the event is free of hassles.

Ellis Park press officer Molefi Mika said people without valid tickets for the game should not bother going to the stadium on match days.

Mika said no cars, except for parking ticket-holders, will be allowed anywhere near the Ellis Park precinct.

"Fans must drive to Nasrec Exhibition Centre, using gates 5 and 6, for park-and-ride buses to bring them to the stadium.

"To be allowed into park- and-ride facilities, fans must be in possession of a valid match ticket. They will be dropped off 300m from the turnstiles by buses.

"Everybody will walk through a metal detector and stewards will be on hand to check if the tickets are valid or not.

"Police will be there to arrest people with fraudulent tickets," Mika said.

There will also be a venue court - which will be operational during match time - where troublemakers will be dealt with.