Reduce the wrinkles

l Practice deep breathing

l Practice deep breathing

It gives you a balance of oxygen versus carbon dioxide in favour of energising. Do it twice a day.

l Get active

Release the repressed anxiety trapped inside you by putting your body in motion for 30 minutes or more a day.

Staying active boosts circulation, which delivers more nutrients to cells and skin.

l Beat the foods that beat you

Reduce sugary and fatty foods. Eat more lean protein: fish, eggs, poultry, low-fat dairy foods and even walnuts.

l Focus on the good things

Take a notebook at the end of each day and make a list of things you are truly grateful for. Or write down three things that went well, and why.

This will help shift your focus to what you're doing right and put a brake on the stressful, negative chatter that often goes on in your head.

lStretch out your sleep

Make it a goal to sleep as many hours as you need to feel alive and productive - all day. Sleep is a free cosmetic.