Q: How confident is Fifa about the country's state of readiness to host the Confederations Cup and the 2010 World Cup?

It's a unique show in a unique time, the first World Cup ever to be organised in Africa.

What I understood from the different reports is that we are ready, the stadiums are there, all the teams are there, everyone is working together.

The Confederations Cup is a kind of rehearsal for the World Cup so we have a list of things we will check but I think you have the best team - you have all the best players and it will be a great football tournament.

Q: What about the postponement of the BRT system?

It has been a subject we've all been discussing for months.

It's important to ensure that it happens in time for the World Cup.

The Confed Cup is an easy tournament to organise and we have to have all these capacities in place for the World Cup. So we will sit down and discuss that with the minister of transport and various authorities.

Again, we still have 12 months until the World Cup - but for the Confed Cup we are on time.

Q: What about unsold tickets?

It's true that I said a few weeks ago we want a 100percent stadium turnout but we are talking more about 70percent.

I hope that in this last week we will be able to fill some more of the spaces.

I understood also that we got some orders from the government which is keen to make sure that the stadiums are really full. Sometimes at the last minute you find that everything is ready, just prior to the kick off - so I hope it will be the same with the tickets.

Q: Is there enough euphoria in the country, enough billboards and so on?

I just arrived, I landed this morning so I have no clue, but what I know is it's not anymore the time to criticise or to say this or that is not perfect.

We will work and debrief following the Confed Cup and then we will be again working for the organisation of the World Cup. So, now let's work and ensure we have the best Confed Cup.

Q: What do you think of President Zuma's suggestion that Parliament vote for him to be a referee at the last match?

I think that he has to referee the government and the South African nation and that's enough - and he should just enjoy the VIP zone. We have very good referees, the best in the world.