EXAMS have resumed at the Millennium Combined School in Madiba Park outside Polokwane after the intervention of the provincial department of education.

This after parents of pupils and members of the school governing body blocked the school gates and stopped teachers from entering the premises on Monday.

The incensed parents barricaded all the entrances to the school, calling all teachers to leave.

They claimed that the teachers were lazy and used their children as an excuse to settle their scores.

The SGB alleged that the teachers were fighting over who should fill the position of principal, which was left vacant when the department promoted the previous head.

The school was divided into two groups, those in favour of the acting principal taking over as the headmaster and those against the move.

Because of the raging feud teachers allegedly left pupils unattended for months.

On realising the problem, the parents, led by the governing body, converged on the school on Monday and ordered all teachers to pack their bags and leave.

Grades 11 and 12 students went home as early as 9am after their parents refused to back down.

But after several long meetings with the department yesterday the governing body and education officials decided to smoke the peace pipe for the sake of the children.

Education spokesperson Ndo Mangala said they had agreed that the present acting principal, Simon Hanyane, be moved to another school in the area because he was at the centre of the dispute.

Mangala said the department appointed another teacher who was a principal at another school to act as headmaster for 45 days until the department found a neutral person to manage the school.

SGB chairperson Lesiba Ramatsokotla said the situation was back to normal.

Ramatsokotla thanked the department for intervening.

He said that exams, which were affected, would be written later this week.