SHE may be petite, but Nonn Botha is not small on local radio. In fact, she's huge.

SHE may be petite, but Nonn Botha is not small on local radio. In fact, she's huge.

Botha is the woman with the sultry voice who has been making listeners tune into Kaya FM.

I decided to meet ther on a late Thursday afternoon at the trendy and popular Newtown eatery, Sophiatown, in Johannesburg.

It is very obvious that Botha loves talking, talking and talking some more. I found myself having to stop her from time to time, to give myself time to take notes.

"Am I talking too fast?" she asks. But there was no need to reply to someone who is paid for talking.

It is hard to believe that she is in her early 30s. She looks more like a 22-year-old young woman who has come straight out of university.

"I have an advertising background and am employed as a copywriter at Adsat Corporate Radio where I also host a show for clients such as Pick 'n Pay.

"I have been there for four years now and have worked at Kaya FM for about three years," Botha says.

"I was listening to a female DJ on Kaya FM one day and I thought to myself, 'Well I can do exactly the same, if not better'. So I sent demos to the radio station. I did not receive a response.

"Then one Saturday, I decided to call Neil Johnson, the programme manager. I offered to personally deliver my demo.

"That very same day, they called to say I could start working on Ken Nkwashu's 12 midnight to 3am show.

"At first I was nervous to be thrown into the deep end, but I coped.

"And my copywriting experience came in handy," Botha says.

It was just a matter of time before she was promoted.

"I later took over the slot that was formerly hosted by Segale Mogotsi when he went to Metro FM. Some listeners did not take kindly to that. They kind of thought that here is this young person who is going to change the station into a youth station.

"Well, I understood that they liked Mogotsi, whom I admire just as much. I grew up listening to him on Radio Bop.

" But here I am, in his shoes. I came with a different attitude. I sound young, but am quite clued up on the old-school music that I play.

"I came to this radio station to play mainly the music of my generation. Music of the 1990s that I am quite familiar with, the Boom Shaka and Brenda Fassie kind of music," Botha says.

Her surname had some listeners puzzled. They thought Botha was married to a white guy.

"I had to keep explaining that I was born in Small Farm in the Vaal in Gauteng. My mother is a Motswana and my father is what people refer to as Coloured.

"I am a single mother of two children and I am certainly not married to a white guy."

You can catch Botha' s Weekender Starter on Kaya FM on Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 3pm.