Red Ants 'sprayed us'

BISHOP Paul Verryn of the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg and Doctors Without Boarders (MSF) will lay charges against Wozani Security, better known as the Red Ants, for spraying hundreds of people with a "foul-smelling" liquid.

Witnesses said hundreds of immigrants, mostly Zimbabweans, were on Pritchard Street in front of the church at about 8pm on Friday when a white truck with the number plate GMX253GP stopped and sprayed them with the liquid.

One of MSF's senior nurses was also sprayed.

Verryn said Johannesburg's city manager told him Wozani had been responsible for spraying the people.

Otias Hamandishe, one of those "sprayed", showed Sowetan white spots on his arms where he said the water had caused itching.

Wozani Security was unavailable for comment.