'Give me my cash'

MORE than six months ago Johannesburg Metro Police officer Thandiwe Radebe was awarded compensation after she was dismissed from work for laying a sexual harassment charge against a senior colleague.

But she has not seen a cent of the R104400, which amounts to 12 months of her salary. Having had enough of waiting, her lawyers approached the sheriff, who on Wednesday attached property at the JMPD offices in Johannesburg.

The sheriff attached movable property such as chairs, desks, computers and couches.

Attorney Cherith Sanger said: "We begged them to pay her but they failed. She needs the money. What they did was terrible and disgusting.

"We have had enough and cannot wait any longer. The property will be sold and she will get her money."

Radebe had laid a charge against chief of internal affairs, Senior Superintendent Amon Kganyago. The CCMA found she was "constructively dismissed" after she reported an allegation of rape against Kganyago.

"Despite the fact that the CCMA award was handed down more than six months ago, the JMPD neglected or refused to pay the money owing to her," Sanger said.

"The JMPD has simply refused to take responsibility for its actions. This shows its lack of respect for the law and dismissive attitude towards serious women's rights violations such as sexual harassment."

Sanger said it was every employer's duty, especially the state, to stamp out sexual harassment.

After Radebe laid the charge some managers and staff members made her "continued employment with the JMPD intolerable, to the extent that she had no choice but to resign".

But JMPD spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar yesterday denied that the sheriff had attached property. Instead they were only given notice.

"The property has not been attached. All the necessary documentation was processed on Thursday. The money will be paid to her as soon as possible. We do not want to hold her back. We acknowledge the ruling."

Carrie Shelver of Powa said: "This is particularly worrying because the JMPD is a law- enforcement agency and as such should respect the rule of law."