Cash-in-transit guards fired through SMS

ABOUT 40 workers at Fidelity Security Services in Limpopo are now without jobs after the company allegedly fired them by SMS.

The message was allegedly sent to a representative of the workers' union.

The workers were fired after they demanded a salary increase to put them on par with their counterparts in other provinces rendering cash-in-transit services.

They were told to stop working on Friday last week.

Of concern is the fact that the company has allegedly employed Angolan nationals to take over their jobs.

It is not known how much the new employees will be paid.

The SMS, which was sent to William Maphakela of the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union, says: "Management has decided that the cash-in-transit teams should not come to work until further notice."

The workers earned R3370 each a month.

Some of them had worked for the company for as long as three years, and there had been no adjustments to their salaries.

When they tried to negotiate for better salaries the company's chief executive, Wahl Baartman, allegedly insulted them.

The workers were demanding at least R6129 a month, which is an 81percent increase.

"If you want to put up a fight do so. I don't need you as from June 1.

"I'm tired of what you've been doing," Baartman is heard saying in a recording which is in the possession of Sowetan.

He was apparently referring to the meetings on salary increments.

Maphakela said Baartman had not been cooperative when they engaged him on the salary issue.

"The man is arrogant," said Maphakela.

Baartman yesterday refused to comment on all the allegations.