Petrol to cost more than calculated

A BLUNDER by the Department of Minerals and Energy will see motorists paying a little more at midnight than the increase announced last week.

The DME said yesterday motorists would not be paying 16 cents more as stated on Friday, but 17 cents per litre for petrol.

The department also said the price for diesel would not decrease by 12,9 cents but by 11,5 cents per litre.

Spokesperson Bheki Khumalo said yesterday: "The change you saw today was the result of a calculation error, and we'd like to apologise to the South African public."

The current inland petrol and diesel prices are R7,51 and R6,46 per litre respectively. The coastal petrol price is R7,26 and diesel is R6,31.

Since January petrol has risen by over R1,50, but it is still over R2 lower than levels some months ago.

Khumalo said that the inland petrol price would have a slightly lower increase due to last month's 10,38percent decrease in the pipeline tariff levy.

He said coastal motorists would not benefit from the pipeline tariff decrease and would pay 17 cents more while inland motorists would see an increase of as little as 15 cents per litre.

Russell Lamberti of Econometrix said: "The revision is so tiny that it won't really have an impact on the market."