Five GaKgapane residents, among them municipality officials, have been accused of illegally selling residential stands in the township near Modjadjiskloof.

The five, who also include teachers, have been subpoenaed to appear in the Bolobedu magistrate's court for allegedly selling residential sites at Mooiplaas farm outside GaKgapane in Limpopo.

They were served with notices informing them of their next court appearance.

This was after the Greater Letaba municipality laid criminal charges against them at Bolobedu magistrate court more than a week ago.

They were accused of directly or indirectly selling residential stands to people on a piece of land owned by the municipality.

According to one of the people who did not want to be named and also stand accused of selling the stands, the five were served with notices to appear in court on June 11.

According to the charge sheet the municipality also accused the five of illegally "placing people on every piece of open space around the township", he said .

Several other leaders of the group that settled on the land would also join the five accused in court as they had also been served with notices to appear in court on the same day.

They are alleged to have destabilise GaKgapane during the past few months after they have allocated stands to people without the knowledge of the municipality.

In another similar case, charges against community leaders of the self-styled "Sihlalangenkani" squatters who were accused of illegal occupation of land have been dropped after the prosecutor found that the squatters had not built any shacks on the land.