Filthy toilets at the Randburg taxi rank

I DON'T know if you've been to the Randburg taxi rank lately. I don't know if what I experienced there was always the case.

I found out about it today as I had to use the loo. Feeling pressed, I decided to go to the nearest loo. I saw one and tried to run there in my high heels. At the door, I saw toilet roll on the floor and just as I was about to pick it up, this lady came rushing in and said: "Hi sisi, yi R1."

I asked: "What R1?"

"Cha bo sisi uthatha le iroliwe phansi uzokuyisebenzisa ubese unginikeze i R1."

Okay I thought, if I'm paying for it, the toilet must be really clean. I told her, but she said nothing. I walked in and couldn't believe what I saw. I could not even walk into the toilet. If she wants to make a living, she should clean the damn toilets.

Nthabiseng Moloabi, Joburg